High Performance Differentials and Transmissions

Synthetic Gear Oil

RICHMOND Synthetic Gear Oils are designed to provide maximum protection and performance under the most demanding conditions. RICHMOND Synthetic Gear Oils are formulated with high quality, thermally stable, synthetic base oils and exclusive pressure and LIMITED-SLIP ADDITIVES which stay in suspension..

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Installation Kits

RICHMOND installation kits contain a cover gasket, ring gear bolts and washers, a crush sleeve, a marking compound and brush, pinion and carrier bearings, a pinion nut and washer, a pinion seal, thread locking compound, a silicone sealer and pinion and carrier shims. RICHMOND Mega Kits have the same quality parts ast the regular installation kits but include Axle Seals and Axle Bearings for a Total Rear Rebuild..

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Instructional Videos

RICHMOND's Installation Video is designed to take “The Shade-Tree” mechanic through the necessary step-by-step procedures to insure proper Ring & Pinion “Set-Up”. This video is a MUST for any mechanic’s toolbox or library!.

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Spools & Mini-Spools Honda Spools

All RICHMOND Spools are CAD/CAM designed for lightest weight yet optimum strength. They are CNC machined 4140 forged and are fully heat treated to aircraft specifications as well as being race proven on strip and track. RICHMOND spools have minimum run out to allow the optimum pattern for performance and life..

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