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New Part Releases from Richmond Gear

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GM Car & Truck Universal Transmission Mount – 86-0010-1

There were two types of transmission mounts used in early GM automatic and manual transmissions, a single stud mount, GM part number 17982949, and a double stud mount, GM part number 3913498 (discontinued from GM). Richmond makes a universal

polyurethane mount that will fit both applications, Richmond part number 86-0010-1, and we highly recommend that you use this mount when installing your new Richmond transmission.

Installation Instruction Sheet (PDF)

Richmond Universal Transmission Slip Yokes
SY-1310, SY-1330, SY-1350

Swapping in a Richmond transmission is easy. Using Richmond Slip Yokes makes hooking up your driveshaft even easier. Match your u-joint size to the slip yoke series, connect the yoke to your u-joints, and slide it into any Richmond transmission! If you are building for ultimate power, this is the perfect time to upgrade to 1350 series u-joints.
SY-1310 – fits 1.062″ cap & 3.219″ across (use w/ forged u-joint #5-785X)
SY-1330 – fits 1.062″ cap & 3.625″ across (use w/ forged u-joint #5-790X)
SY-1350 – fits 1.188″ cap & 3.625″ across (use w/ forged u-joint #5-799X)